The Insight is a quality newssite featuring content from independent writers. The Insight is built to honor it’s name, to bring new insights, ideas and understanding of current events through responsive, mobile friendly site. Each writer is paid according to the performance of their own pieces of content.

The Insight is funded and founded by WideScribe, a digital media startup that promises easy payment for quality news sites. If you are would like to participate, share links and users with The Insight, please read more about WideScribe third generation paywall for online content at

How to write for The Insight

If you have an interesting story suitable for The Insight, please send us an email at You will receive partial ownership to new users that sign up from reading your article, that means – recurring revenue from these users for up to 12 months.

The insight seeks illustrators

WideScribe seeks illustrators. Please send us a link to your portfolio, and we will find contact you if your style suits The Insight. We are looking for illustrators with a distinct, colorful style – able to provide illustrations at a recurring schedule.

Please contact us at