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Multinationals get unfair advantage at public tenders

What could be more boring than  EEC 2004/18, the European directive on public procurement and repealing (Directive 2004/18/EC)? Quite a lot, as it turns out. I have been working with the ATTAC Norwegian Advisory board of taxation for a few years, with a special focus on public procurement. I’d like to share with you five reasons why changing how the directive is employed is an important part of rebuilding the damaged European economy.

Bird populations fall

Recent reports by Bird populations in Europe is dwindling, but answers as two why remains unclear. Bird population today has dropped by 421 million individuals. From a total of 200 billion birds, a little shy of half a billion individuals can be considered a natural variation. However, when looking closely at the numbesr, bird population in some areas are severely.

The unholy alliance of facebook and clickbait

Or, in the clickbait jargon : “Facebook hacks mobile advertising, you won’t believe what happens next.”

Why has Facebook become overrun with clickbait in later years? Digital cats now make up as significant part of internet traffic. A friend of mine, running one of Norway’s largest clickbait sites recently divulged the secrets behind their spectacular online success, allowing for a deeper analysis of the relationship between the tech giant Facebook, and the plethora of clickbait sites that have laid siege to the internet.

WideScribe adds “third way” of paywalls

Netflix, HBO and Spotify is revolutionizing the music, tv and film industries. Publishing is being disrupted by startups,  and the unholy alliance of facebook and clickbait. But while spotify and netflix is able to charge, publishers are worried about putting up paywalls because people, largely – don’t pay.

CEO of WideScribe, a Norwegian pay-per-article company has an unusal perspective.